Over the years Speedsix has been growing and having an increasing presence in the sector until it became the leading most notorious brand of its segment throughout the Iberian peninsula. We have set our goal by growing responsibly, setting aside some of our benefits to Social Challenges.

«Profesionales y sueños» (Professional and dreams) is a social platform created by Speedsix, with the aim of solving specific challenges (Dreams) of our environment. We certainly want to provide access to cycling for people in some situation of social exclusion, groups with disabilities, and in general to people who, by their profile or personal circumstances, have a real difficulty in accomplishing their Dream.

Speedsix promotes the involvement of athletes, professionals, amateurs and followers of the brand, in the achievement of the challenges that we propose. We are sure that thanks to the involvement of altogether, Challenge by Challenge, Dream by Dream, we will be able to help those who need it most.


Challenge by Challenge, Dream by Dream, and only by combining everyone’s efforts, we can help those who need it most.


Speedsix, as the founder of this social platform, is committed to donate between 10% of its total annual benefits to this program. We are planning to incorporate into our Platform, progressively, new brands that want to share our dreams. Our goal is to achieve the maximum possible challenges at the end of the year.