Custom hand mounted carbon wheels for your bike , for mtb, road, road disc, triathlon and also cyclo-cross (cx). Lightweight, resistant and reactive, together with our F1 hub manage to spin with awesome fluidity reducing the friction coefficient. All this is because its construction based on 36 tracks, for this reason cyclists get a 100% efficiency with their pedal strokes.

In addition, our carbon wheel models are available for both clincher and tubular in all its ranges and modalities. We also customize them for you with the color that best suits your bike, therefore one more reason for these wheels to be for your bike. Because our product range is manufactured to the highest quality standards, we rely on the best brands of components, such as Sapim spokes and Sapim Secure Lock nipples. Therefore, the quality of our products is excellent.

The robustness and reliability of our wheels is supported by the large number of professionals and cycle tourists who rely on the Speedsix carbon wheels in all our disciplines. Some of the professionals who trust our brand, in our road and road disc section, cycling teams. In MTB our carbon wheel Earth is quadruple champion of the Titan Desert by the hand of Josep Betalú and Ramona Gabriel. In our triathlon section, the Tri-Efficiency are national champions thanks to Judith Corachán, Maria Pujol and Gustavo Rodríguez.

R&D Department

In the same way Speedsix is constantly evolving its carbon wheels models and components that together with the development of new products allows us to offer the best quality to our customers.

Social Responsibility

We also have it very present through our platform profesionales y sueños (professionals and dreams) with the main goal being solving challenges (Dreams). We certainly want to provide access to cycling for people in some situation of social exclusion, groups with disabilities, and in general to people who, by their profile or personal circumstances, have a real difficulty in accomplishing their Dream.